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Beauty from Ashes

“Beauty for Ashes IV” - $25 SOLD -

3” x 4” (5” x 7” mat)

India Ink and Gold Leaf on Paper

DM if you are interested in this piece!

This painting is one of a series of small reflections on the unexpectedly beautiful and delicate flowers that bloomed in our backyard during this time of quarantine. This pause has allowed me time to stop and enjoy the gifts of spring and especially notice these little flowers. This time of seeming constriction is also allowing for an expansiveness that comes as we attend to the bursting life and hope that quietly exists alongside our struggle. India ink is made from charcoal ash, and has become a tangible symbol of creating and finding beauty in our ashes.

This series moved me and encouraged me to find beauty in struggle and imperfections, patience for myself and others and reminded me me to make space for time to pass.

May you be encouraged today to have gentleness and patience for yourselves and others today. I wish you all healing spaces to breathe and attend to your lives.

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