Common Thread Prayers 09

Common Thread Prayers 09

Profits from this piece will go to Ukrainian Relief Efforts.


This 5"x7" painting is a segment of a larger using piece created using a Sumi ink stick (fittingly made from wood ash) that I hand ground in prayer and lament as the war in Ukraine was unfolding. I then added ashes from our wood stove, pigment and acrylic paint to the canvas in a prayer for healing and an end to war.

I machine stitched the canvases, as a representation of the lament, prayers, efforts, sacrifice, and love that poured in for the people of Ukraine from around the world. It really has been astonishing.

I considered how much healing and change is made more possible when we come together, so I cropped the large canvases into individual smaller pieces that could be shared with more people.

This 5” x 7” canvas segment holds lament and hope for healing and stitched reminders that we don’t hold these things alone.