"Drawing Near" – Oil Painting on Panel

"Drawing Near" – Oil Painting on Panel

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"Drawing Near"
Oil on Panel
36" x 24"

Walk out in to the fields and look.
They do not labor yet they are clothed in splendor.
Calm your soul.
Surrender your worry.

Calla lilies often symbolize rebirth, resurrection, new beginnings and overcoming challenges. They can survive frosts and even a cut flower can re-grow in a vase. They invite us to focus on beauty and to remember that they will return, even though they disappear for a season.

There is a reflection in Matthew’s gospel with this invitation not to worry – to consider the lilies, reflect on their beauty and see how they are cared for. This message drew me in. This year has brought so much personal, communal, global and political unrest. We live in a culture marked by fear and anxiety. It is difficult not to worry. The words in Mathew’s gospel were not given on a spiritual retreat in a time of peace, but to a people experiencing difficulties, economic strain and occupation by a foreign power. This message not to worry is not about handling difficulties perfectly, or good feelings, or judging ourselves for our various reactions to challenges or hardships. It is more of a lifelong invitation to continually step out of worry and grow into trust, even if just for brief moments.


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