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Presence + Wonder Series

Presence + Wonder Series

I invite your to join me on the journey of creating my next painting series "Presence + Wonder"!


This will be a series of twelve paintings created with the intention of integrating contemplative and grounding practices with art making.


Each painting will be one of a kind, in a style blending abstraction and realism, granting the viewer a potential familiar entry point but also room for the imagination to roam.


In a season of immense disconnection, My hope is to create work that invites a sense of presence and wonder, and promotes well being and reconnection for myself, for the viewer and hopefully beyond!



• Final paintings will be unframed and ready to hang.

• Images seen above are from previous paintings that capture the spirit and intention of this upcomming series, and carry threads I want to follow.

• Final paintings are not yet pictured and will be unique.


If you’re interested in learning more about the “Presence + Wonder” Series, feel free to reach out and schedule a brief time to chat using this calendar link:

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