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Hovering over the Waters

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Ruach Elohim - 3 (Wind of God)

Oil on Canvas

6” x 14”


The ocean has often felt like a reminder of the Holy Spirit or “Breath (רוח) of God”. Like the oceans I have known, looking different but of the same essence; like continual whispers of consistency. The ocean is both shallow and approachable; deep and unimaginably vast. It is peaceful yet wild and uncontrollable, while holding the ingredients of life.

In this recent series as I was painting, searching for compositions and stretching canvases I kept thinking of God’s breath hovering over the waters in the Creation narrative; Unknown beauty yet to be known, waiting to be breathed into life.

In this work, I wasn't sure exactly what to expect but I felt an invitation to show up and paint an idea that had been brewing inside of me. I wanted to paint the ocean as a feeling, or sort of unarticulated prayer, which turned into one I would literally hover over as I worked.

I thought again about the Spirit/Breath hovering over the waters. The idea of a prayer began to form. A prayer for the present – That beauty and restoration and life would be breathed again into our chaos and darkness.

My heart is so often heavy with this world’s violence, especially in light of the recent attacks on Jewish communities. This work was timely for me, and the culmination of events caused me grieve but also to cherish my Jewish heritage even more.

I want to keep seeking beauty, restoration and healing in my work. I want to breathe more deeply, paint more beauty into our chaos and to be reminded of the common threads that restore us and breathe life into us as we journey.

Merachefet Ma`al (Hovering Over)

Oil on Canvas

18” x 16


Merachefet Al Hamayim

(Hovering Over the Waters)

Oil on Canvas

18” x 16”


Merachefet Ma`alah (Floating Upward)

Oil on Canvas

6” x 24”


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