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Trying Something New!

I want to try something new to make this virtual world of my website a little more in touch with my actual practice and available work.

The Blog and Weekly Works Sections of my website have been sorely neglected over this last year. (Okay, let's be real... always!) I still have a lot to learn about balancing social media, maintaining a website and balancing studio time with, you know, the rest of life! BUT, rather than give up on them all together I have decided to try something new! I am going to keep using this Blog space to share musings on art, art practice, life, etc., but I am also going to use it to share my weekly work and new pieces as they become available. This will be where I share what I have been making, thinking or musing over, and while you can still see available works throughout my site, it is a place to highlight smaller works, and newer work as it becomes available!

To organize my posts, I am going to start with the following sections:

Available Works, Weekly Works, News, Reflections & Art Practice

Let's see how it goes!

Selected work available on my Etsy Site:

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