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Learning Curve

Art practice has a glorious life-long learning curve, and maintaining art as a livelihood has a whole learning curve of all it's own!

And then... there was this year. I mean... what about this year HASN'T been a learning curve?

Goodness gracious friends, we have been in one year long balancing act of maintaining survival, learning to conduct business and maintaining friendships online, maintaining public health, coping with isolation; some only newly waking up to the depths of racism in this Country, living though months of political chaos and trying to maintain friendships and families within the growing fractures in society.

There are good reasons we are tired (and maybe just a little edgy).

These challenges and constraints are very real yet also hold new opportunity. When everything has been dug up and moved around, there is fertile ground for paradigm shifts, new ways of seeing and new forms of creativity.

I have learned so much from the logistical constraints and learning curves of taking art classes online, working remotely and finding new ways to find creative nourishment, share and even sell my art. I am in daily wonder (with both gratitude and discomfort) at how much of my work, worship, relationships, creative practice and art business is conducted by tapping on a small screen.

I am equally amazed at the intimacy, art and friendships that have been fostered online. The world has become a little smaller and I have found kindred spirits, unexpected friendships and fun creative collaborations. I have seen people exploring new ways of finding creativity in themselves in ways they wouldn't have otherwise.

The learning curve of this year has tested my commitment and trust in my art practice. It has revealed a lot of my fears and insecurities, tempted me to give up more than a few times, YET ALSO has made me value art making and art teaching more than ever before. I'm discovering new ways that art making grounds me in my humanity, and even dee

pens my faith when I feel like I have none.

So I will keep creating and encourage you to do the same in the ways that bring you joy. Keep unlearning and learning, and keep loving each other well friends.

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1 Comment

Caroline R Dunlap
Caroline R Dunlap
Mar 10, 2021

Well written. You express what many of us are feeling and thinking. Love you work. You are a beautiful artist and wonderful daughter! Thank you for the post.

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