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Holy Invitation to Rest

I thought I’d check in as I haven’t created much in a while and I’d like to offer some encouragement in case any of you find yourselves in a similar boat as I have.

It’s been a rough month - a seizure and difficult medication shifts left me with a black eye, foggy headed and with little creative energy.

It feels like I am swimming through molasses!

While I have felt discouragement and hope these difficulties are temporary... I want to share that they do have their own type of fruit. I feel what I perceive as a Holy invitation to listen and rest and reconsider where to put my creative energies. I feel permission to take time to step away from the hustle and recoup.

In this sense they are a gift.

Clearly I can’t do it all (nor should any of us). I have felt pulled in a thousand directions creatively for a long time, with so many ideas and lessening ability to execute them.

This month has shocked me a bit into re-examining my rhythms, including how to invest in and what to let go of in my creative life. I don’t know where this will lead and habits are hard to break but I want to listen. I want to live with better balance.

It has been a perfect time to begin the “Artist Way” again, and try to incorporate more rest. It feels like what I hope is the beginning of a new chapter.

Also, life is hard... so make the popcorn and fancy coffee in your favorite mug (mine was broken and Kintsugi mended

- a wonderful symbol for me to embrace) and don’t forget to hydrate!