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Deep Dreams

5" x 7"

Oil in Canvas

This little piece may or may not be complete. I see further potential in it and also think it is beautiful in its subtle texture and simplicity. It is a remnant of a larger series – a beautiful reminder of a time when I was wrapped up in the momentum of painting and fully present to my body, mind and soul.

I’m going to get personal for a moment. This month knocked a lot of that momentum out of me. My seizure was the first one I have had in thirteen years and it shook not only my body, but some of my confidence and energy as well. I'm finding my way back friends, but experiences like this sure do have a way of reconnecting us with our vulnerability and the scary reality that there are some things in life we just can’t control. In the first week after the seizure I vacillated between the fear of the precariousness of life as an artist and regaining my wobbly courage and renewed determination to make the most of life. In most of the days that followed I’ve just been trying to re-establish my energy and rhythms for the regular everyday stuff of life.

I honestly don’t know how I will rebuild momentum to do all the things I dream of, but do any of us? We all are being stretched and I’m sure we all have within us the ability to do more than we know.

So I’m leaning my tired, scared self into the strength and love of my Creator. As much as the road seems impossible and the momentum feels lost, I am determined to keep making art and to keep as present as I can to this precious and precarious life.

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