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I love the sound and feel of the wind this morning.  It feels like it's cleaning not only the air, but my spirit as well.  I have been home sick for days, but this is the first morning I feel well enough to peacefully sit and really enjoy the silence mixed with wind and the warmth and taste of my ginger tea.

I have been working on my website for the past month and considering what my art practice will look like and how it will re-emerge within this time of waiting for our big move to Maui, and then after we have settled.  It has been good work, but also filled with anxiety and mind and soul numbing hours on the computer.  What a relief to have finished it!

This morning I read Isaiah 2.  The words left me with these lovely reminders as the next season of creativity begins:

Trust and exalt the LORD alone.

Don't bow down to your gifts and the beauty of your art.  Delight first in the LORD, love people more.  Then create your art freely – do not grasp it too tightly.  Enjoy it, delight in it, explore it, make it... then share it and let it go.

Delight in the LORD, who is the beginning of creativity; who we image when we create.  Then art won't become like an idol, or an empty dusty trophy, or a puffed up unattainable idea, or a mere commodity.  Then it wont own you.  Then fresh wind will blow through it again.  Then you can really delight in the beautiful gift of your creativity.

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