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Water Prayers and Reflections

Updated: May 21, 2020

What a beautiful corner of the world we get to live in!  In Humboldt County, we can enjoy walks along beaches and coastlines, forest trails and clean rivers.

Watching sunset at Moonstone Beach, where the Little River joins fresh water to salt water, is a common and beloved experience many of us share. We go to the rivers and enjoy picnics and cool dips in the water.  We meet friends and family or enjoy pleasant solitude.  Our ocean and rivers are resources that provide food and water for our bodies and beauty that nourishes our souls.  They constantly bring me to a place of gratitude.

Recently, I was struck by the commitment and endurance of those defending water and land rights at Standing Rock.  It was profound to me how far and how many people traveled to this place where the Cannonball and Missouri rivers converge in North Dakota.  To my understanding, it was the largest gathering of tribal nations in modern American history, and has been joined by so many others.  Amidst the political battles there is, at its heart, a fight to protect water.  The Missouri provides the single source of water for the Standing Rock Sioux. We all share a desire to have our rights and values protected… we all need water to live. 

This series of rivers and oceans is meant to reflect and celebrate the preciousness of water.  Included are landscapes close to home along with those along the Missouri River.  I hope they bring beauty to inside spaces and to encourage us to go out and enjoy them.

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