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Painting Humboldt

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the Redwood Art Association's Annual Humboldt Open Paint Out. I got to join a myriad of amazing Humboldt painters in a full week of capturing the beauty of Humboldt County with paint.

My sweet Ian took off the week to join me in painting (and let’s be honest... to make sure I ate 😆) and helped pack up our “creative survival kits” in true Canadian style... carabiners and all. It was a fun challenge to create a "studio" that I could carry on my back. It gave us the freedom to get out every day and to explore and hike into some magnificent places such as College Cove in Trinidad, Agate Beach at Patricks Point, Stone Lagoon and of course the beloved Moonstone Beach.

The smoke from the fires created a challenge which meant we tired a little easier. In some cases it created some unusual and interesting light paint. The winds shifted just enough, however that most days were a wonderful experience.

I have only painted out on location a handful of times in my life and it definitely wore us out and stretched us. I have new found respect for the endurance, flexibility and attentive eye that is required for plein air painting and the amazing group of Humboldt Plein Air painters that I had the privilege to join in this event.

Here are some pictures of the highlights. For more detailed pictures of the week you can find me in Instagram at @claireastra.

Paintings range from $200-$300. Please email me if you are interested in purchasing a piece:

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